Advisory Services

Individual Wealth Management Advisory Services from Charter Capital Management
As an independent, fee-only registered investment advisor, Charter Capital Management, Inc. provides wealth management services to individuals, families and trusts.  Our services combine comprehensive financial planning and discretionary investment management with the objective of achieving our clients’ financial goals.  Our team of advisors will manage the complex interaction of taxes, investment returns and risks, savings strategies, income requirements and estate planning to manage your wealth effectively and efficiently.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning is the first step in the wealth management process. At this stage we collect all of the client’s relevant financial information and gain an understanding of their financial goals and objectives. Whether that goal is saving for college, buying a second home or planning for retirement we develop a game-plan that will incorporate the many facets of their financial life to be certain all factors are being considered when making decisions.

Some facets that CCM will cover in its Financial Planning process include:

  • Tax Planning
  • Retirement Savings Planning – Retirement Income Planning – Budgeting
  • Social Security Claiming Strategies
  • Debt Management
  • Estate Planning
  • Assessment of Employer Benefit Offerings

If the need arises, we will refer you to outside professionals such as accountants, attorneys or insurance agents, or we will work with professionals with whom you have existing relationships. CCM does not receive compensation from the professionals it recommends.

Investment Management

As part of the Financial Planning process, the client’s objectives are determined. In the Investment Management process, an appropriate investment strategy is developed to meet those objectives. CCM will use discretionary authority to structure a portfolio and provide on-going management to fulfill the client’s objectives while allowing for individual risk constraints. We construct an appropriate portfolio through the use of various investment mediums including individual stocks, bonds, exchange traded funds and low cost, no-load mutual funds. Utilizing our measured approach, we are able to tailor a portfolio to meet the specific objectives of each client.

Tax Preparation Services (optional)

Our advisory clients have access to cost-effective tax preparation services provided by our in-house tax team.  Many clients appreciate the convenience and security of having their tax returns prepared by the qualified financial professionals they know and trust.   The CCM tax team is made up of diverse professionals with designations such as CPA, Attorney, and Enrolled Agent.  With over 35 years of tax experience, CCM is well-equipped to coordinate asset management with tax preparation and planning on an ongoing basis.  We approach tax planning as an evolving process allowing for adjustments as dictated by changes in tax laws and our clients’ personal circumstances.  As tax preparers, we have the capability to create specific tax projections to properly plan for any such changes and guide our clients accordingly.

Some of our clients choose to work with an outside tax preparer, in which case we are happy to collaborate with other professionals regarding any relevant tax planning matters.




CCM is compensated in the form of an annual advisory fee which is based on a percentage of assets that we manage. This advisory fee covers all Wealth Management Services – both Financial Planning and Investment Management. CCM does not receive any additional compensation or commissions that may prevent us from providing advice that is in your best interest.

CCM’s in house tax-preparation services are provided at an additional cost billed separately from the annual advisory fee.

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