Client Experience

No two clients’ financial situations or needs are the same and therefore each client’s experience with Charter Capital Management may be unique.

What To Expect

Initial Meeting Preparation – Following a telephone conversation, we will provide you with a list of documents that we recommend you bring to your Exploratory Meeting.  The more information that you are willing to share with us, the better we will be able to assist you.  However, as you are not yet a client, we respect your privacy and encourage you to bring only as much information as you are comfortable providing.

Exploratory Meeting – The first step for individuals interested in utilizing CCM as their advisor is the Exploratory Meeting.  At this meeting you are able to learn about us, the services we provide and the basic guidelines we follow when conducting our wealth management services.  Just as important in this meeting is the opportunity for us to learn about your goals, objectives and current financial situation.  This meeting is an opportunity for both parties to determine if the services needed are aligned with the services that we provide.

Assessment – If it is determined that there is a potential fit, we will obtain additional information.  As a potential client you will complete an Investment Experience and Attitude Questionnaire and will provide current account statements, tax returns and other financial documents and information that may be pertinent for your situation.  We will utilize this information to put together a Wealth Management Assessment (WMA). This assessment will provide a high-level picture of your financial situation, the specific planning items that will require further analysis in order to provide a plan, and our initial assessment of the factors used to develop your investment objective and eventual portfolio allocation.

Follow-up Meeting – At this meeting we will present your WMA to outline the services we can provide to meet your specific needs.  You will be able to ask additional questions and obtain more information from us in order to ensure your comfort level with our firm and services. If, after this meeting, you determine that you would like to utilize our services, an Investment Advisory Agreement is signed and our advisor relationship begins.

Advisory Request Form